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Quality Control


Over 10000 square metre area for production over 4 million pieces of smoke alarms per annual.


SMT LINE - Two automatic SMT lines with capacity of 300K piece components surface mount per day.


Production Lines - Three smoke alarm production lines with production capacity of 200k pieces industrial and 350k pieces home-use smoke alarm per month.


In-circuit test (ICT) - ICT is used in mass production to detect component and soldering failure of PCB after the SMT & soldering process, ie. to accurately measure the mount resistors, inductors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and other general and special components missing equipment, wrong installed, the parameter value deviation, solder joints with welding, circuit board open circuit failure, and failure to accurately tell the user which components or open circuit in which. This is to ensure every PCBs are in good condition before doing end-of-line test and avoid producing scrap. 

Functional test (FCT) - Functional test (FCT) is used as a final manufacturing step which is to validate that all detectors we produced are free of defects. It provides a pass/fail determination on finished products before they are shipped.  Functional test enhances the other types of tests such as ICT, making the product more robust and error free.


Computerized QC stations to record & collect quality data and generate statistical report for QC monitoring. 


Our in-house lab equipped with the national standard smoke sensitivity tunnels, anechoic sound chamber, EMC testing equipment, temperature & humidity tester, impact tester, vibration tester, burn-in test equipment etc, to facilitate the product testing and the approval process in according to the EN standard requirement.