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MARBLE 5Y&10Y(Global version)


    Product Specifications:
    Description:Miniature Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with long life lithium battery
    Model number:MARBLE 5Y
    MARBLE 10Y
    Power Source:3V Lithium battery
    Main Features:

    - Miniature & compact size
    - 5 Year Battery (MARBLE 5Y) 
      10 Year Sealed Battery (MARBLE 10Y)
    - Power & Alarm Test Button

    - Self check function - A malfunction signal will be emitted in case the chamber has dust or malfunction.
    - HUSH Feature
    - Each piece has its unique Identify Code (ID code) for traceability.
    - 30 days low battery signal
    - Suitable for recreational vehicle (RV) use
    - Loud 85Db Alarm Signal

    - Cannot be installed with battery missing
    - Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism

    - Reliable, easy and simple installation

    - Environmentally friendly

    Standby Current:<4uA
    Sensitivity to smoke:comply to EN14604
    Operating Temperature:40ºF - 100ºF (4ºC - 38ºC)
    Ambient Humidity:10% - 90%RH (non-condensing)
    Plastic Material:ABS
    Overall Dimensions:46mm (L) x 46mm (W) x 42mm (H)
    Colour :Bright White(matted finish)
    Alarm Sound Level:85 Decibels at 3 metres minimum
    Smoke Alarm Assembly:- MARBLE Smoke Alarm;
    - Fixing plate;
    - 3V Lithium battery;
    Fixing kit assembly:2 fixing screws 2 rawlplugs in polythene bag
    Packing:- Blister/Plastic (PET) box/Paper color box
    - Contents: - Smoke detector assembly
                       - Instruction leaflet
                       - Fixing kit assembly
    - 12 pcs / inner, 72 pcs / outer
    Warranty:5 year for MARBLE 5Y, 10 year for MARBLE 10Y
    Approvals:Certified to EN14604:2005、NF、VDS、BRE、WEEE、ROHS & REACH